Monday, March 06, 2006

Hello from Sockmonkey

Welcome to my Blog. As I travel around the world to interesting places I will add some entries and photos of me. I've been living in Osaka for the last month or so and I bought my first camera last week. So, I've been having a good look around Kansai (the area that Osaka is located in).

The bananas here are a little disappointing. We get the crappy homogenous ones from South America, nothing like home, but the katsudon is good. The sake is also good here, as you can imagine. Happily, as I am partial to a drop or two, I am moving to Niigata soon. That place is known for its sake so I'm very excited. More later on that. Meanwhile, back in Osaka...the bastard in the local shop won't sell me booze because I'm only 18 inches tall. Pretty discriminatory if you ask me. SOCKMONKEYS ARE PEOPLE TOO.


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