Monday, March 13, 2006

Trains Trains Trains

As we all know, the Japanese are an efficient bunch. Nothing demonstrates this sweeping generalisation better than the trains.

Firstly, there are stations everywhere. There are Japan Rail (JR) stations, subway stations and private operator stations. Most stations have people with white gloves to point at the trains and blow whistles. The stations are clean and they all have a designated 'smoking corner'.

Next, there is the timetable. Times are posted for when each train is to depart the station. AND THEY DO IT. They run to the minute. It is unbelievable, with all the coming and going in rush hour and people getting stuck in the doors, they still leave on time, every time.

And there are the trains. On the platform are painted marks. The train arrives and the doors open right where the marks are. You stand by a mark and a door arrives. How do they do it?

The best thing about Japanese trains is the view. I love looking out of the clean windows, even when it's dark. I tried fixing my gaze as I was staring out of the window once, and I think I hypnotised myself. Often you can get a seat on private lines but on JR you'd better be fast to ensure you get a seat before the nimble obasans run on. They may look like little old ladies but they are mean, mean I tells ya.

Next objective: get my furry little tail onto the Shinkansen (bullet train) ooooooo baby.


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Cool bananas!


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